Watch: power and style

What comes wing mind when we see a man with a good watch? Understanding good watch, not what it look expensive, even for the size it is, much less so striking that it is. A good watch is one that conforms to your style to the occasion and of course your personality.

Apparently men not only use it to measure ourselves against the time when we managed to get out, also use it as a fashion accessory, or to impact the girl of his dreams, but some people use it just to know the time.

Whatever your case, the fact is that any watch is not for any man. It all depends on what you want, your style and especially your budget.

Every man who plans to wear a watch and punctuality. Those who know this topic have also seen that the status is reflected in the type of watch that a man carries. Can this fixture to change the perception of a man? Yes I do.

You are one of those men who do not wear watches because they see the time on your phone? I invite you to read some reasons why you should change your mind:


It is well known that punctuality is more dependent on a habit that carry only watch, however, if you have a meter of your time in your hand is more likely to be more attentive to the administration that you do it.


While some men do not see the watch as an accessory, but according to their utility. They see it as a fitting dress can distinguish a man with style of another who does not.


It is not to carry the most expensive watch but quality. It’s like a good pair of shoes or a nice suit, its quality is noticeable without knowing the brand. Like a car reflects your economic success; your watch indicates a professional level.


Everything speaks of you. If you like surely discrete designs your personality is more sober, a classic, both; however if you like those rectangular dial your personality is more sophisticated, if you like large your personality is more dramatic, ie, you like attention; if you prefer strong colors with stretch your personality is more outgoing.


Every man‘s business world knows he can not wear the same watch daily with any outfit. As with food and wine, there is a watch for every type of dress code and event:

a) watch black leather strap for use with a suit and tie for important business appointments.

b) cash for use in business casual and casual elegant combinations to lower-level professional appointments or to go out to lunch or dinner with friends but not with sports shoes but with shoes loafers or lace, but no tie Clock.

c) Watch extensible rubber or plastic sportswear. Ideal for a weekend out or exercising.

Still you resist wearing a watch? I guarantee you will update your image, you will be perceived as a man with style and power; addition that will help you be more timely.

When you go to choose a clock, and the materials you need to take into account the functions that can have as a stopwatch, calendar, moon phase indicators, water resistance, and other features that your lifestyle requires.


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