Uniqueness of Valerii Danevych watches

If you want to find unique watches, may be Valerii Danevych watches can be your choice. Valerii Danevych is a wood craftsman from Ukraine. Her life was immortalized by creating watches that are entirely out of wood, even up to the time the needle driving machine. Valerii already interested in smelly things since attending art school. She grew up in the right environment so the ability to create art craft is getting better.

In 2005, without any training watches, Valerii start the work of creating a functional wood watches. He determines the appropriate type of wood and the smallest parts are required. Valerii Danevych watches first wood was successfully completed in 2008. Valerii inspired by Bronnikov family who have made ??unique and pocket watches made ??from unusual.

Valerii had been working under a microscope to get watches with perfect detail. Valerii recent work is men’s watches that can last up to seven months show time. The price? Quite expensive, which is 100 thousand euros. Valerii Danevych watches will make you look more attractive. In addition, the unique design, you will also be the center of attention. Are you interested in the design? These watches are very rare, so maybe you worry while wearing it. In addition to expensive, material of this watch is also made ??of wood. Hopefully, this article adds to your reference when you are looking for about watches. If you do not intend to buy it, but hopefully this article can add your knowledge.

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