The French style of Agatha paris watch

This time I will discuss Agatha Paris watch is suitable for those of you who like the French style. Appearance is important for a woman. Clothing is pretty neat and can make a woman comfortable during the move. Additional accessories also enhance your appearance. Accessories with beautiful design can make you look more fascinating. Agatha Paris is known as the French jewelry brand. But they also put out a product that is beautiful watches. Agatha Paris has more than 300 boutiques worldwide.

If you want to know more about Agatha Paris watch, I’ll explain. The company was founded by Michel Quiniou in 1974. Agatha Paris grows as a company of jewelry and watches are great, designing jewelry and watches with bold and beautiful designs. Michel Quiniou when establishing Agatha Paris offers a concept but beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices. He uses the name Agatha for feminine expression of women’s jewelry he had designed. Beautiful jewelry as pretty as a girl, so he named his jewelry creations with the name Agatha. And because of this jewelry is made in paris so the name of Paris added.

Agatha Paris watch collection has a luxury and fashionable style, commensurate with the luxury of the city of Paris in France. Some watches have a background ‘Scottie Dog’ which is the company logo image. Scottie Dog made ??an appearance watches more sweet. Agatha Paris Collection watches all feature an elegant design. Some of the products at her watch include Splash In Pink Jelly, Voltige in White Mini, Mini Ceramique, Ceramique Strass, Voltige Cuir, Fresh, Flirty, and other variants. Splash in Pink Jelly, is perfect for a casual look with a pretty pink color. Look young and fresh, equipped with a double bracelet from friendly silicone material wrist. Voltige in Mini White, white chronograph watch 34mm diameter made ??of stainless steel, leather, and glass. Appear very elegant and formal. Likewise, the other time pieces Agatha Paris, stunning and has a beautiful design.

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