Interesting options of classic watches

Classic watches also can improve your appearance, in addition to watches with a modern and sophisticated design. The watch is one accessory that can be a statement in your appearance. There is also the view that the watch is a symbol of prestige. Therefore, you should choose a watch with a simple design but looks elegant.

Here are three classic watches that can be your reference:

White Ceramic and Polished Silver Watch (DKNY), a clock alerts DKNY classic style is suitable to be combined with any type of clothing. Not only chic in appearance, clock named ‘White Ceramic and Polished Silver Watch’ timepiece also comes in three different parts of the world

Analog Ladies’ LTP-1343G-7C (Casio), for you lovers of the brand Casio watches, ‘Analog Ladies’ with a series of LTP-1343G-7C could be an option for a classic style that impressed simple. The watch is made of stainless steel is also resistant in water. The shape and design resemble bracelets make you look very feminine and modern. These watches are not only appropriate to wear during the party, it could be for the office.

Stella Mini Aluminum and Stainless Steel Watch (Fossil), For those who like classic style, watches ‘??Stella Mini Aluminum and Stainless Steel Watch’ from Fossil this could be an option. These watches are made of aluminum and stainless steel. Frame clock comes round pearls are small, suitable to wear during any occasion, formal or semi-formal.

From the above options, whether you are classic watches that attract attention you?

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