Eco drive citizen watches

Citizen release products which emphasizes Eco-drive, which is called eco drive citizen. Label timepiece that puts the Eco-Drive technology (moving clock hands using natural or artificial light sources) that comes with the limited edition. Variety latest collection of watches that was designed to be more innovative.

Below are some eco drive citizen who could be your choice:

Equipped with Dual Sensor, a product which is called ‘Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Altichron-Cirrus’. These watches are designed with a dual sensor for electronic compass and altimeter. Powerful sensor, allowing the measurement of direction, depth, and height are very accurate. Innovative design makes the watch easy to be combined and match with any outfit.

Titanium, These watch made from titanium, so it’s very comfortable to wear because it is lightweight. These timepiece is equipped with a timing system that receives signals from navigation satellites. The watch you are wearing make a dynamic look.

The combination of Silver and Black Color, Besides silver, Citizen Eco watches also promote the silver and black color combination. The front (dial) watches is like airplane propellers rotating. The watches can be used by both men and women.

Signal Time, Day and Date, time is called ‘Citizen Promaster Eco-Drive Satellite Wave-Air’ that can capture the signal time, day and date are sent by satellite aerospace orbiting 20,000 miles above the earth. These timepiece can use when traveling, or when the roads relaxed by combined casual clothing.

From some  eco drive citizen above, if there is a clock that be your choice?

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