Colorful of swatch watches

Swatch watches is a famous brand watches with attractive and colorful designs. This time, manufacturers of Swiss watches collection ever launched, New Gent Lacquerd. Created to attract attention, this collection combines the surface layer of sparkling watches, sleek and stylish with cheerful colors. One of the attractions of New Gent Lacquerd, is part of the engine and its components in a complex that was left as a whole because the runway looks watches transparent.

Each component in this swatch watches have contrasting colors, so the clock displays a unique design. With a diameter of 40 millimeter circle watches and watch straps of rubber, making this collection can be worn by both men and women (unisex). Because in Nowadays, most women are not interested in wearing watches that are too small. But the size of this clock is not too big, so it still fits worn especially young women

New Gent Lacquerd available in 10 color options. Ranging from bright colors like pink, purple, blue, gray blue, orange, green and yellow to classic colors such as black and white. I am sure, if you look at some of the pictures that are in this article, with cheerful colors, perhaps you are interested. You can also make this watch as a gift for family or friends. Are you interested to buy this swatch watches? This clock will show you the cheerful side. In addition, you will also be more stylish. Hopefully this article can add your reference in finding the ideal watch for you.

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