Casio watches with Neon Illuminator

If you are a fan of casio watches, maybe you will like the latest products from Casio. Watches brand is well known by many people in various worlds. In addition to having many models, this watch also has advanced features. Japanese timepiece brand, Casio not only has lines like the G-Shock or Baby-G only. For the man who likes luxury and looking for a watch that is timeless, Casio has an option called Casio Edifice. The model is global analog clock, that’s the reason why Casio Edifice received a good response in the market. Casio Edifice also extended his contract with Infinity racing team Red Bull F1 Racing that has existed from 2009. Analog clock is made of carbon. In this Edifice series of carbon there are carbon F1 Racing.

In this year, Casio re-introduce the newest collection of Casio Edifice designed with the concept, ‘Speed ??and Intelligence’. The latest series called EFR-536 with the latest technology, Neon Illuminator. This technology uses light from the LED appearance that makes the clock shines so bright and clear, if other than the hours Neon Illuminator. Casio watches on this, there are certain parts that are coated with a kind of special ink to absorb energy and transmit photic black light. That way, the watch will be glowing with clarity the dark. Analog watches are also equipped with practical features, such as stopwatch 1/10 sec and airtight body clock.

For design, this clock is made of strong metal and resin. The form was manly and timeless with an analog clock. Some of the colors that you can make the collection are silver-aqua, silver-orange, black / aqua, black-gold, black / red. That’s the latest series of casio watches.

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