Boyfriend watches trend

Some time ago boyfriend watches become the favorite accessories. Because masculine fashion stylish items become favored. Some world artists is wearing this watch. These watches are called the “boyfriend” because it looks like a masculine man watches. Large pieces, makes this model appropriate watches to complement the trend ‘boyish’ being favored by lovers of fashion.

Some of the artists who wear boyfriend watches are Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Olivia Palermo, and Ashley Tisdale. Most of them combine the models of watches with casual clothes ranging from sweaters, blazers and jeans. But these watches not only can be combined and match with casual clothing such as men’s clothing belonged. However, Jennifer Aniston never combines the watch with a mini dress with a floral motif that looks feminine, or a black dress with halter neck collar pieces. If you are interested in using these watches, below are a couple of ways:

First, you should be able to choose the style of men’s watches with black or silver, because the colors can be combined for any choice of clothing. Boyfriend watches with gold ornament or have diamonds, watches it suitable for use while attending a more formal event. Second, when wearing the watch, make sure the strap a little bit loose, it is because the watch is not worn tightly on the arm, like when you wear a watch women who have a smaller size. By doing so, watches this model not only serves as a timepiece, but also can be worn as a bracelet. Last, addition, you can try to buy second hand watches. If lucky, you can find this model watches with vintage impression, and the watches from famous brands with low prices.

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