Adjusting a Swatch Watch Strap


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The Swatch is stylish, colorful and modern watches that are usually made with plastic bands. The strap is a big part of what makes these watches unique but can also make it difficult to adjust if you do not know exactly how. This article contains simple and easy to change the size of a Swatch watch strap, so you do not have to worry about it again because you fall is too big steps.

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1. Find the small hole on the side of the watch which is connected to the rod that connects all parts.

2. Removes the bar with a safety pin or place it on a piece of wood with a hole and hits the bar with a pin to remove it.

3. Removes an even numbers of links, removing the same amount on each side of Swatch watch strap. If you end up removing an odd number, the extra link is on the side of 6 o’clock. This side of the wrist is shorter and the clock must be closed by the middle of this.

4. Replace the bar in the same direction in which you took.

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Tips and Warnings

Swatch watches have some arrows indicating which direction to remove the bar.

Visit your Local Swatch watch strap store and ask if they can help you if you have trouble following the steps above.

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