5 Watches that give more than time

5 Watches that give more than time

If footwear speaks volumes of a man, the clock says it all but close. This is one of the male accessory par excellence, timeless and also know that this Christmas will be more than one eye on the occasional model.

If you do not know very well what decantarte or just like to look real fancy stuff today we are going to leave you with 5 proposals of very special watches, either by their nature or by design, 5 Watches that give more than an hour and that adapt to all styles.

Ziiiro Celeste
5 Watches that give more than time
Ziiiro is a peculiar brand within the current clock. Its always futuristic designs are inspired by minimalism with hints of color. The model you see in the image has no needle marks simply combining some colored discs hour, a curious way to give a touch of color and an avant-garde element usually so classic. (149 )
Panerai Luminor Marina 1950

5 Watches that give more than time

The watch you see in the image is not just any clock, it is the Luminor Marina 1950 and belongs to the prestigious Italian brand Panerai specialist make high-end watches and limited edition.

It’s a watch the most current but inspired by a model of mid-twentieth century. Among other features has a power reserve of 3 days is indicated in its field, and its price may exceed 5000 euros.
Braun BN10
5 Watches that give more than time

If anyone thought that the German company Braun was only dedicated to appliances was very wrong. It also has its watches division as you see do not go unnoticed.

Sober and modern designs like this Braun BN10 made ??with tempered glass to prevent any scratches, besides having its own operating system, Skroll 2.0 Easy to access different features. It costs about 500 euros.
Uniform Wares 250 Series

5 Watches that give more than time

From Uniform Wares watches and we have spoken occasionally Jared Man. British, sober and elegant design, inspired by the clocks of the Second World War, and Italian craftsmanship.

The 250 series will delight fans of watches and sober elegance of a modern find three different models, and with a price of around 400 euros.
Military Watch Stussy x Luminox

5 Watches that give more than time

Stussy is a fashion focused mainly casual world, hip-hop and streetwear generally intended adrentarse now in the world of watchmaking collaborations with brands like Luminox a known watch brand in the United States to be responsible for supplying watches the American army, although based on materials and Swiss design.

Collaboration results in this military-inspired watch clear a trend as you know has not only become fashionable in our closets but also on our wrists.




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