Tattoos of words in the fingers

Small fingers tattoo ideas – Many people have fun becoming hidden tattoos. For example: in the lower lip (this is a classic secret tattoos), in the neck, on the inside of the thighs or armpits. Some of these are somewhat ends. So this time I want to share with you some images of a hidden tattoo, but not both: tattoos of words in the fingers.

When I say words tattoos on fingers, I do not mean the classic designs those form words by placing a letter in each of the knuckles, that’s another style of tattoo that deserves its own article. I mean those who decide to write over the inside of a finger, for example, a word. Happy, dream, forever, love, these are some of the ideas that come to mind for these lovely tattoos of words in the fingers. All these examples have the characteristic of being short words, which is ideal for writing in the confined space of a finger.

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