Short Bobs for Women with Round Faces

Short Bobs have always been a part and parcel of every hairstylist’s salon. It’s because short bobs are one of the few hairstyles that can complement any hair type, color and facial shape. Yes, it’s equally awesome for women with round faces.

Short Bobs: How They Work for Round Faces

Some people think that short bobs will never look good on women with round faces. Uh-oh, not quite. Done with the utmost care and precision as well as with the right hair cutting tools, can actually complement round faces. Translation: Go to a hairstylist who can do justice to short bobs and your hair.

Types of Short Bobs for Round Faces

Okay, let’s not keep you waiting. Here are some of the short bobs that we find very attractive on women with round faces. Take a look and enjoy!

Short Bobs with Side Swept Bangs

This famous actress is wearing one of the Short Bobs with bangs that look super-cute and oh so awesome. The messy appearance actually gives her a charming, tousled look that complements her beautiful face. The side swept bangs on both sides of the face offsets the roundness, making it look more oval than round.

Short Bobs for Women with Round Faces

Short Bobs with Curls

Got an important date or going to the prom? Then try the short bob with curls just like the girl on the photo below. Normally, curls don’t look good on round faces because it even highlights it. However, the exaggerated side part and the side swept bangs effectively offsets the roundness of this girl’s face.

Short Bobs for Women with Round Faces

Short Bobs with Full Bangs

Now this is one of the that really rock! The full bangs and the hair that is swept on the sides of the face hides most of the roundness of this girl’s face. Oh-la-la! Try it on your next party and you’ll surely get a lot of attention.

Short Bobs for Women with Round Faces

What are you waiting for? Try one of these short bobs now and enjoy life to the fullest!

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