What If My Child Wants a Tattoo?

Child Wants a Tattoo – When we are parents of a teenager can expect anything, the roller coaster of emotions that bring us going through his head, and worse when comes the famous question: “Can I get a tattoo?” What can we respond?

Today, tattoos resurface, perhaps more strongly than before. Although in our time tattoos was very bad reputation because they are associated with gang members and people who were in the prison, our children see it more as a form of expression, to tell the world “this is me”.

Causes for our son wants tattoo

If we ask why our child wants a tattoo, we certainly will say “no” and we give you plenty of options why it is good to get a tattoo. Whether one that fills the back, or a small Egyptian letters on the shoulder or ankle, a tattoo is for life. If our teenagers begin to make changes to his body at an early age, when they still have very clear what they want for themselves, it is likely that when they grow up wishing tattoo erased.

Before we discuss with our teenage pros and cons of a tattoo, it will be necessary to know the reasons why you want to put a tattoo. Many do it for fashion, or belonging to a group, others just because they find it attractive. We talk with our son and tell him that brand that will leave your body is something to be taken seriously, because if someday want to delete it, your treatment will be expensive.

When would allow a child get a tattoo?

It is likely that during adolescence our son seems attractive tattooed, and no longer grow as much. But, if your child insists, let’s put conditions to be able to tattoo, such as improving their qualifications. If our child turns and still want to get the tattoo, try to take it to an authorized, sterilized and clean place, where we will have the guarantee that will make you a professional.

A tattoo is more than a mark on the skin, is the way that teenagers today are identified, but in the long run may come to regret, so the importance of considering when to do it and what to choose design. Talk with our sons and reach an agreement. And you would you let your child wants a tattoo?

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