Messenger Bags – todays style statement

What are messenger bags?

Messenger bags are the latest ongoing style statement in the field of fashionable bags. Messenger bags were specially designed for the messengers in the ancient days for the ease of their jobs of carrying messages and parcels. The bags have a long strap that passes over the shoulder and then over the chest and then rests on the hip or lower back. Till few years ago only postmen, parcel boys only used to carry the letters and parcels in these bags specially designed for them for the simplicity and help in the job.

Designing of messenger bags

With the development of the fashion designing, fashion technology and the public demand of new fashion bags, these messenger bags are developed and customised for daily use. Customizable bags are available on different stores and websites to meet the different customer demands. Modern messenger bags are made of cloth and are well decorated and printed with different colourful designs and made into fashion bags. These fashion bags are attached with different accessories like U-locks, phone holsters, lightings and contemporary stabilizing straps to stop sliding of the bag when riding cycles etc.

Leather messenger bags are developed from animal skins for different fashion purpose and also have become very useful to the professionals. We find many professionals use leather messenger bags as office bags. These leather messenger bags are provider with many partitions within them to keep separate documents and things in systematic arrangements and make it easy to find. More over for the help of the user different pockets are provided to easily carry handy things like pen. Cell phones, etc.

As in early days messenger bags were only used only for carrying messages and parcels, but mow it has been used for different purposes. Now a days messenger bags not only have become style statement but is used by students for carrying books, travellers use it for carrying essentials in local tours, it is very handy for carrying personal stuffs for short tours, for carrying laptops and office documents, etc. So in short we can these bags as multi-functional messenger bags. These bags are also designed like small pouches to carry money, important transaction and eye cards and are known as portable messenger bags.


We can say that the very old design of a type of bag used by a definite community for professional purpose is now attracting people around the world. In short the developed and new stylish messenger bags are used by people all over the world in their daily life and are finding it quite handy.

Messenger Bags - todays style statement
Messenger Bags – todays style statement

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