What can you give this Christmas: Clothing

We adored the season of consumerism all malls, Christmas. As the days pass, you will go your anger noting that declining originality when choosing a gift. But one gift that never fails, the clothes, accessories and perfumes and cosmetics. Want to know which are the best?

Christmas comes, a time of dreams and above all gifts. However we are going through a period in which the crisis is affecting so many of us. And what do we do ?, as simple save. One of the easiest ways to save is with the phone. Look at the offer that you showed in the video above Movistar Fusion.
What can you give this Christmas
American or blazer

The star gift for Christmas is American. A garment with which it is very easy to combine, either with jeans or jeans with a shirt or t-shirts, sweaters you see with many clothes. It would be a pledge to consider when gifting. The color, I suggest that it is dark, it will be easier to match with other colors.

11 What can you give this Christmas: Clothing
Furthermore it appears that among American that will trends for Christmas 2013, include those that are of velvet. American or blazers like this that you see in the picture below, and you’ll find Zara. A black blazer into an appropriately tone that lets you dress up with the best “casualestil.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing
the jackets

The jackets are also a good choice when making a gift at Christmas. You can ask one that you like and that is trend or a gift for your partner, your father or a brother or friend, but always good to know what your style.

I personally always decant for a leather jacket or leather in black. They are trend, fashionable and also look great on all men. The photo is from Massimo Dutti.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing

A watch is a perfect addition to good menswear. A gift that does not take very original, indeed, is one of the accessories that never go out of style, so if you choose a classic watch is fine and if you choose a more modern one is also great. Tip: If you’re going to give away a watch for everyday use, which is a bit more modern, and if you are going to give for special occasions, it is a little more classic.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing
There are many types of watches to give away at Christmas. It depends on the style of each person and as I have pointed out on the occasion, but we can also look at the trends and of course, one of the models that are currently carrying the “GSHOCK” Casio model. For 2013 you’ll decant for models such as this which has the particularity of having a bluetooth that connects you to your smartphone.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing

Boots are another perfect gift now that are very fashionable. They are perfect to cope with the cold so intense it makes. Ideal for use with jeans adding a cool and casual to look for the person who brings touch.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing
Among the boots this fall and winter will bring, and although the military still fashionable, can highlight models such as you see in the picture below. Bershka A model which has the distinction of being a very urban style and details of sheep, which on the other hand is also fashionable in men’s footwear.
What can you give this Christmas: Clothing

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