Elegant Wrap Dress 2015

elegant wrap dress

Elegant wrap dress is one of the canal must-have for you the fashion lover. These items tend to be classic and timeless so that it can be used in the long term, especially when you want to look like a lady. Moreover, the wrap dress is presented with a V-neck neckline can create the illusion of a sleek and chest as well so look fuller. Fashion popularized by designer Diane von Furstenberg is also inappropriate when the subject came to the semi-formal event, work, to hangout.

Here is some elegant wrap dress:

Diane von Furstenberg

wrap dress ideas

As a pioneer wrap dress, so many options offered by Diane von Furstenberg. When you want to choose something that is feminine, elegant, but not boring, these items deserve to be an option. Lined with lace, the dress following sections presented with a comfortable jersey material, also displayed a dreamy accent in the arm that adds a sensual impression. Moreover, navy blue suits all skin tones.

Diane von Furstenberg

wrap dress

DVF presenting wrap dress with a wide range of models, including the maxi intersects. This dress may be more appropriate when applied to a party than to hangout


wrap dress beautiful

Canal sleeveless could also look elegant. Although nuanced black-and-white, it also looks festive fashion with floral style. As with the previous options, the dress is also presented with soft jersey material so comfortable to wear. To display a more casual style and closed, mix the items with a leather jacket and ankle boots shoes.

Halston Heritage

wrap dress design

In addition to Diane von Furstenberg, Halston Heritage also often released wrap dress. One option that appears quite elegant and formal impression is this one option.

Nasty Gal

black wrap dress

Although at first glance looks like a coat, the item is actually a maxi dress. Clothing that is presented with a slit in the front so for a more elegant look, wear only skirts or shorts as dalamannya. That is elegant wrap dress for your suggestion.

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