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I will talk about the model dress ideas. Dress is a garment that can make a woman look more elegant when wearing it. There are many types of dress are popping up, ranging from casual dress to dress to go to a party. To use the dress you need to adjust to the shape of the body to look fit and beautiful when used. The wrong type of dress will make you not look attractive. The first thing to do is to recognize your own body shape. Give a little pressure on certain body parts. If you have a thin body, do not use this type of dress body fit because it will make you look thinner.

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For more details, see the model dress ideas that conform to the shape of the body below:

model dress ideas

Dress Body Fit

This dress has a model to follow the shape of the body so that every detail curve of your body will be obvious. Dress is often used by local and foreign celebrities. Body shape appropriate to use this type of dress is a body shape like a violin or a pear. As a garnish try to make it look more elegant combined with a long necklace, scarf, bag, or bracelets and do not forget for this one you have to use high heels so that you look more sensual.

Maxi Dress

Wrap Dress

Wrap dress is a kind of dress that has a waist band access and a V-shaped collar Dress is perfect for making you look slimmer body, so for those of you who have excess stomach fat girls do not worry, you can use this type of dress without worrying looks fat, instead you will look slimmer.

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The last model dress ideas is Maxi Dress

Dress long to ankles will make your body look even higher and feminine tablets. This dress can be used for all body shapes. Even this type of dress can cover the hidden fat in your body. You only need to adjust the color alone. If you have little body fat, use a dark color such as black. The black color will give the impression of a slimmer.

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