Platform Shoes 2015

platform shoes

Platform shoes ladies have the appearance of a variety of alternative because it can be applied into high heels with a variety of models. Platform shoes for women at first also are used by men. The shoe has actually been around since the 16th century at the time of the Qing Dynasty and in Europe […]

Cone Heels Models Ideas

cone heels models

Cone heels models into a model of women’s shoes that has a variety of style and inexhaustible a source of creativity of the designers. Cone Heels are models of shoes most women donate trend in the fashion world, because in addition to performing different Cone Heels could also compromise in terms of safety and comfort […]

Rainbow Wedges Models 2015

Wedges Rainbow

Rainbow Wedges chosen as an icon on the discovery model shoes Wedges in 1930 which confirmed the existence of the inventor Salvatore Ferragamo as the legendary designer of women’s shoes in the fashion world. Actually, a lot of women’s shoes with model and style are classified into works Ferragamo revolutionary, but Rainbow is not only […]

Wedges Trend 2015 Ideas

wedges trend

Wedges trend 2015 designed Ferragamo like Rainbow in 1937, Ferragamo back to basics when Wedges transformed into Prism? Wedges known as a model draft Salvatore Ferragamo women’s shoes in the 1930s, the development Wedges comes with a variety of innovative and revolutionary style. Of Ferragamo creations tend to make Wedges into art, so some style […]