Neon body paint will be amazing on your skin!

neon paint for body

Neon body paint is a paint that uses UV reactive material so that it can shine on a low light. Paint color of neon body paint is very visible life when exposed to UV light. To select this type of paint, choose paints that do not use ammonia and free from toxic and easy to […]

How to Paint Children Faces Step by Step

how to paint tiger face on child

Very few children resist the temptation how to paint children faces and recreate fabulous animals. Although it seems a difficult art, is an easy process which only need brushes, makeup sponges, paints for body or face (which are based on water yield excellent results and are very easy to remove), and lots of imagination. Here […]

How to Make a Simple Zombie Makeup

simple zombie makeup tutorial

A wobbly walk and torn costumes combine with simple face makeup to create a simple zombie makeup and costume that anyone can achieve. The hallmark appearances of zombies including pale skin, with a green tint, dark shadows under the eyes and spots of blood and brain tissue chin. A slightly more elaborate style can include […]

How to Paint Your Face Easily

how to paint your face brown

Whatever your favorites costume, you can make your look more realistic and fun about how to paint your face. Children and adults enjoy using a soft face paint to add details like whiskers, big noses or even fins and scales. You can do a basic paint at home to put on the face that can […]

How to Create Temporary Body Paint

temporary body spray paint

If you want to temporarily paint your whole body or a part you can buy different body paints. However, you can choose to manufacture it yourself. Below is how to create temporary body paint. Instructions Determine how you will use the paint. For example, if you paint the faces of the children or your body […]