Abstract Paintings: Draw Your Canvas Based On the Ideas

Abstract Paintings

Abstract Paintings is one kind of masterpieces that people can do with canvas. These paintings do not have a pattern; they also formed in really unique way. The first thing people will notice from this kind of paintings is they never in the same shaped or formed. The thing of this painting is most people, […]

Hulk body paint ideas

she hulk body paint

Hulk is one of the very famous comic characters. Hulk has a great body and a dark green pant torn. To make the hulk body paint, you should use a type of liquid latex body paint dark green specifically for body painting that the result is more realistic and safe to the skin and easy […]

Waterproof body paint ideas

waterproof green body paint

For the needs of festival performances and body painting outdoors, you need a waterproof body paint, paint that is durable and waterproof . So the paint will not fade even if exposed to water. The paint is water resistant , it is usually more difficult to clean , so it requires special handling more than […]

Face painting tips beginners

face painting tips

Do you want to do face painting? I will give you the following are some face painting tips that can be considered to start: 1. Choose a paint that is safe for use on the face, which has a priority label “non – toxic”. Avoid oil-based paint because it is difficult to clean and may […]