Hedgren bags for daily activities

hedgren red bag

I will give some suggestions on hedgren bags. Lately, a lot of people are looking for this bag, because this bag brand has a simple design. Even though having a simple design, this bag is very modern and stylish. Hedgren always put multifunctional bag designs, with a design some form of practical pockets in each […]

Tips to choose clutches bags!

clutches bags

Clutches bags is increasingly popular among women, primarily to attend the party. As time passed, people saw a lot of changes primarily when looking at lifestyle and preferences. The same goes for fashion accessories, specifically handbags. Women cannot live without handbags, which is why women beautiful bag has become a fashion statement and a must […]

Photography bags from Eiger

photography gadget bags

Photography bags from Eiger is one camera bag products made ??in Indonesia, Eiger is the most top brand bags in Indonesia and until now there is no another brand that can rival the Eiger in Indonesia. Eiger product is not just bags only but many another products such as shirts, hats, jackets, sandals, primarily products […]

Designers bags favored by celebrities

designers bags

Many celebrities are wearing bags from designers bags. They assume the appearance is the main thing. Bags are fashion items that are important to a woman. It could be said that the bags was supporting appearance. Therefore many designers create bags from luxurious to simple. The following bags that celebrities wear, especially for spring: Celine […]

Affordable small bag

small hermes bag

Not a few women who like to wear a small bag when traveling to the mall or a date with your partner. Some women also keep small bag to carry while on vacation. Handbags with small size make you more comfortable and look simple. Although small in size, but small bags also have the stunning […]