How to Create a Witch Face with Makeup

Witches are a favorite Halloween characters, more so when spectra look like evil green face. The fastest way to recreate the terrifying face of a witch is using theatrical witch face with makeup, but you can easily create your own makeup and face paints common. Simply navigate between images of witches and take the items to bring to life your inner witch to add to your character. By adding a few touches of spooky fun, you can create a truly terrifying witch and original that is perfect for any Halloween event.

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1. Use a large makeup brush to apply a layer of green face paint all over your face, including the lips, jaw and neck areas that will be exposed.

2. Use a clean brush to blend the green paint on your face. The brush will allow you to fill the folds and give painting the polished look you need to create the illusion that is the natural tone of your skin.

3. Take a basic makeup brush of witch face with makeup and use it to cover the remaining pink areas around the eyes, nostrils and inside the ears. Do not forget to also complete the hairline area.

witch face makeup for halloween

4. Use a makeup sponge and apply some face powder or yellow paint in the areas of the face you want to stand out. Start with the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, temples and the top of the chin.

5. With a clean brush base makeup, apply a little paint or facial powder charcoal or dark purple in areas of the face where natural shades are created, as can be below the eyebrows, below the cheekbones and along nose. Apply one coat of color also at the temples, only cares that it is not as dark as below the cheekbones. Remember that with this technique, you are trying to recreate the lean and bony aspect that distinguishes a wicked witch.

witch face makeup designs

6. Carefully mix the color layers with a makeup sponge.

7. With a fine or angled brush, apply a layer of face paint or makeup black along the upper and lower eyelids. With the same color and brush, fill in the eyebrows. Try to give your eyebrows arched an almost triangular shape to achieve the malicious look of a wicked witch.

8. Finally, apply a generous coat of black mascara on the lashes. You can also add false lashes if you want to attract attention to your ghostly eyes.

witch face make up pictures

9. Fill in your lips with lipstick green. Line the edge of your mouth with a black pencil and blend the colors with a brush for lipstick to make witch face with makeup perfectly.

how to do a witch's face with makeup

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