Satchel Bags for Casual Style

satchel bags

Satchel bags is a kind of bag that generally have a long strap, buckle detail as the clasp, and a handle on it and use the sling. Satchel usually produced with a size that is not too big so it fits charged when you travel to a place with a relaxed atmosphere and does not require a lot of default.

Here is a selection of satchel bags of various colors and sizes from various brands that could be an option for casual style:


satchel bags ideas

Satchel simple dark brown and has a buckle detail in this middle masculine impression. This bag is suitable for you who want a casual look boyish. Satchel bag similar to the model it has a leather briefcase and a dark color that is not easily soiled.


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Bags from brand Topshop this one is quite unique. The material is made from plastic jelly that makes the contents of your bag can be seen from the outside. A blend of texture and color on this bag also makes it unique and unusual.


white satchel bags

Unlike the other satchel bag that has a fairly small size, brand from Italy presents a Furla bag with a distinctive shape but is equipped with a rope sling. By doing so, you can vary with slung or portable use. White with black accents minimalist lines make this bag is easy to be paired.

The Cambridge Satchel

beautiful satchel bags

The Cambrdge Satchel is a brand that is specialized in producing satchel and other leather products. Bag this one is one of the most famous collections. Celebrities and bloggers were often seen wearing this item. A striking neon colors guaranteed to make you look to steal the attention, even with the simplest fashion.

The last satchel bags is Bershka

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If the option previously satchel mostly neutral color and one color, the brand from Spain, Bershka bring the satchel with shades of pink. A mix of young and old pink make bags usually have the impression that this masculine becomes feminine. Suitable to hang out and combined with dark colored clothing.

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